What is Rainout Line:

This is the park district’s notification system for users to learn the status of fields, facilities, and park district programs and events.

Field, Program and Event Status:

Click on the links below for status.

How to Use Rainout Line:

1.  Rainout Line Website

  • Go to www.RainoutLine.com
  • Under search for status, enter Anderson Park District
  • Click Search
  • Click on Anderson Park District

2.  Rainout Line App

  • Download the free Rainout Line App for iPhone or Android
  • Once the app is downloaded, search for Anderson Park District, then click the star to the right
  • On the next screen, click the stars next to the fields/programs/events/facilities you want to be notified about

3.  Email or Text Alerts

  • Manage your text and/or email subscriptions by selecting the fields/programs/events/facilities, and establishing the length of time you want to receive notifications

4.  Hotline Number

  • Call the Hotline number, (513) 443-3003, and listen to desired extensions for weather updates