Field Status Updates

Monday – Friday:  4 p.m.- Final Update Report

Saturday – Sunday:  7:30 a.m.- Early Report; 10 a.m.- Final Update Report

Field Closing Policy

Users must check their field’s status BEFORE PLAYING to ascertain if it is open. When a field is closed, the field may not be played on under any circumstances. Anyone who plays or practices on a closed field will be subject to a $150 fine per field, plus damages and may be subject to a one-year suspension of eligibility for use of any APD field, even if coaches and/or officials are not present. The loss of rental revenue may also be assessed and included in the invoice if the field is rendered unplayable due to the action of the offender.

Closing Ball Diamonds

The condition of each ball diamond will be posted on the Rainout Line app and website; however, generally the closing of ball diamonds is the responsibility of either the coach, umpire, or league supervisor as decided by the individual league. If field conditions are deemed unplayable by the park district, a posting will be made on the Rainout Line App and website,, and by calling (513) 443-3003. Representatives of teams may work on ball diamonds ONLY after completing the park district Ball Diamond Repair Workshop. Organizations or individuals who damage a field through improper maintenance may be subject to a fine.

Note: The Anderson Park District and their respective Boards and Staff assume no liability in the event of accident or injury and make no warranty as to the playing conditions that may exist on any of the facilities they provide. If league representatives or referees deem conditions, including weather or other factors, to render a field unsafe, they must stop play immediately. All fields should be vacated if lightning or any other element is present which threatens the safety of the participants.