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Riverside Park: Fields

Riverside Park Fields
Riverside Park, depending on the season, offers 6 ball diamonds and 2-3 lush soccer fields of varying sizes. Riverside Park also has the capacity to hold Lacrosse and Rugby fields, and Football practice areas by request. Please refer to the Field Status Hotline regarding closings, (513) 357-6629.

This park also features All Weather Fields, which include 2 full sized synthetic turf field areas lined for 2 football fields, or 2 full sized soccer fields, or 4 smaller soccer fields (comp 6v6).

This exciting opportunity will enable the ATPD to:

Because soccer fields utilize the outfields at certain times of the year, it is the Park District’s policy that ball diamonds take precedence over soccer until Labor Day, after which soccer takes precedence. 

The fields are available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, with the exception of exclusive use permits. The prominent youth organizations in the area rely heavily on the use of the Park’s fields for their league play. Before playing, please refer to the Field Status Hotline regarding conditions (513) 357-6629.

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Note: Use of a metal detector is not permitted on Park District soccer fields,
William McNeilan Johnson Hills Park, areas designated
for horticulture use, the in-field area of all ball fields, or areas closed to the public.  Tool used for probing must be similar to a screwdriver, with a blade length of no more than six (6) inches, width of no more than ½ inch.  Each area disturbed must be returned to a natural state.  Metal Detectors may be used only on weekdays during daylight hours.
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